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How to play: Classic FPS Controls (WASD, F / Mouse to attack, Space to Jump)

To start a campfire: Collect 2 logs, 2 sticks and 2 rocks, weapon #2 will be unlocked, equip weapon #2 and hold down the attack button rubbing your fire sticks together until the campfire is spawned.

Chop trees with axe to collect logs
Chop logs with axe to make sticks
Pick up rocks along the waterside
2 logs, 2 sticks and 2 rocks = Campfire (Weapon #2)
Feed your campfire with logs to keep it from going out at night
Time spent by the campfire will heal you
At night, monsters will come out
Only a campfire can protect you from the Wendigo
Build the tree car for faster travel
Build the boat to travel to the island
Hit the obsidian rock on the island to create an obsidian spear
Kill the wendigo with the spear to win the game!

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Published139 days ago
Tagscampfire, Crafting, Ludum Dare 36, mothdan, spooky-game, the-wendigo, wendigo
Player countSingleplayer


TheWendigoByMothDan.zip (88 MB)