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Being my first LD this is pretty rough but I'd like to continue work on it I think, thanks in advance for playing!

Controls: First Person
F or click to attack (F is easiest for Web/Browser playing)
R to shake your shaman stick if you have one and are near a human

WASD to move
Shift to run
Space to jump


Spirit and Decay:
As dawn approaches, your health decays! You may also lose health or spirit in battles with humans.

Cursing to Increase Health:
To sap health (spirit) from Humans, sneak around them with the Shaman stick. When in range, press R and you will curse them! Take that, invaders!

Play as Yaya Minya, the Skinwalker Banshee who prowls the Reservations at night, taking souls so that she may return to the defiled sacred ground from which she springs!
If you don't kill and deposit 2 human souls by sunrise, your spirit will dissipate. Don't let the legend of Yaya Minya die!

Steam concept page:
Youtube including timelapse:


SkinwalkerAlpha1.zip 116 MB